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Is Micro-needling right for you?

I know that for some, just hearing the words Micro-Needling scares you enough to never even try it. Understandable, but you'd be missing out on some incredible skin benefits. What's so amazing about this treatment is that it floods your skin with collagen and elastin, which is basically the scaffolding that holds your skin nice and tight. And for 2-3 months after each treatment, your skin will continue to transform.

Micro-Needling treatments are right for you if your main skin goals are any of the following:

- Overall youthful looking skin

- Prevent/treat fine lines and wrinkles

- Smooth out acne scars

- Skin tightening

- Smooth texture

- Smaller pores

Yes, there are in fact 12 micro needles that penetrate the skin, but only after your skin is good and numb. Most people describe feeling a slight prickling sensation and vibration. That's not too scary, right?! You can expect your skin to have the appearance of a sun burn directly after the treatment, and appearing mostly back to normal by the next morning.

If you have an questions regarding Micro-Needling or any other treatment, just click reply to this email. Otherwise, go ahead and book your appointment online by clicking below.

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