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Where Quantum Physics Meets Esthetics

Qi Beauty is the future of skincare at the deepest level using Quantum science. Gold plated mini magnets placed in a custom matrix influence the static magnetic field to reset and re-educate cells to healthy functioning. Aged, damaged cells either forget what to do or simply no longer have the energy to perform their correct function. Qi beauty returns life force energy allowing cells to perform as they were meant to.

Using specific negative polarized gold-plated micro magnets, Qi Beauty Matrix treatments stimulate tissues in the dermis and epidermis plus the proximal acupuncture points to optimize, reinforce, and strengthen the skin barrier and increase the neurological and circulatory activity in the dermis. The positioning of the micro magnets produce a constellation of biological processes and increased ATP. 


By working with our body's own energetic field, we create a Static Magnetic Field using magnetic spheres to invigorate and organize cells with renewed energy to regain identity to perform programmed tasks. Qi movement encourages cellular regeneration as nutrient-rich fluid floods the tissues to create volume and lift. 


After unveiling and assessing your unique facial landscape, each Qi Beauty Matrix is applied with intention to target volume loss, diminished and banded collagen, significant facial sag, inflammation and congestion, lack of vitality and luster, and discoloration. The results of a single Qi Beauty treatment removes metabolic waste, boosts cellular proliferation and remodeling, strengthens the skin barrier and creates a healthy flora, lifts the brow, defines the architecture of the jawline and cheekbones, and floods our tissues with nutrients for an immediate revival of energy and tone. Because we are working energetically within the cell, the skin is changed forever by a single treatment.


*All treatments include LED light therapy for added healing and anti-inflammatory benefits, eliminating acne causing bacteria, as well as increasing collagen and elastin.​



This anti-aging matrix influences the static magnetic field on the skin to re-educate cells, even skin tone, enhance skin elasticity for definition and sculpting, and utilizes vital points to support skin vitality, restore tissue density and youthful vigor. Includes an eye lift to revive the energetic field to address fine lines and dark circles, as well as a lip lift to restore volume and definition for a more plump and youthful pout.

Advanced aging matrix for mature skin to invigorate the cellular electrical signals to stimulate massive tissue regeneration. Improves muscle tone, lifts and re-densifies tissues, repairs and nourishes creping, brittle tissues, and UV damage. A powerful matrix created for those with more advanced aging, sagging, skin laxity, and wrinkles. 


Detoxifies metabolic waste, quelling puffiness and inflammation by recalibrating skin, releasing toxins and stagnation of fluids. The result is tonifying and decongesting of skin via lymphatic drainage channels reducing redness and imbalances of sebum. Also treats reactivity and rosacea by dispersing heat, balancing circulation, and repairing the acid mantle for deep repair. Acne skins are also addressed through purification of the lymphatic drainage channels reducing imbalances of sebum Qi.

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