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At Awaken Skin I have a unique and whole-hearted love for blending holistic and scientific skincare. I strive to optimize results by using the best of both of these worlds, as well as considering the energetics within the body. The field of epigenetics shows us that we have a much deeper potential for healing and regeneration.  When we change internal and external factors, our gene expression also changes. This inspires me to continue down the path of holistic skincare with these potentials in mind.


At Awaken Skin, I don’t treat the skin the way other esthetician’s do. My approach is based on treating the whole self; focusing on holistically healing; using ingredients essential to activate repair rather than harming; and treating challenging skin conditions no one else can. The skin is truly a reflection of within, so we must go more than skin deep to target the source of common concerns.


I specialize in advanced treatments such as Micro-Needling, Retinal Infusion, and I am a certified Qi Beauty™ practitioner, an innovation in skincare- where quantum physics meets esthetics, and the only place it’s available in Utah.

Xo, Samantha

Samantha Marshall
Master Esthetician & Owner of
Awaken I Skin

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