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Preventing & Reversing Sun Damage 101

Has the sun marked you with spots that you wish would fade along with the summer heat? Well you're in luck! Read on.


It's always best to prevent damage from occruing in the first place so here are a few tips to make sure you're protected.

1. Wear SPF 15-30 daily. And remember that our bodies break down sunscreen after about 2 hours so be sure to re-apply throughout the day if you're outdoors.

2. Wear a hat or sit in the shade. Physical blocking is highly effective.

3. Use a Tyrosinase Inhibitor morning and night. This type of product communicates with your melanocyte cell (the cell in charge of creating and overproducing pigment) to keep skin even and clear of spots. Not many people know about this type of product, but it does exist!


If sun spots have already invaded, have no fear, these are easy to clear! (See what I did there? LOL)

1. Use Alpha Hydroxy Acids or a Retinol at night to increase cell turnover rate for quicker elimination of excess melanin.

2. In office treatments:

A) Alpha Hydroxy Acid peels are great mild peels that offer little discomfort and downtime. These are known as the "lunch time" peel.

B) Jessner Peels are great intermediary peel with a couple of days downtime with medium amounts of peeling.

C) TCA Peels are known as a strong peel and offer the most amount of pigment reduction per treatment.

Keep in mind that sun spots are just an overproduction of melanin lying within the dead layers of skin. It may take several treatments to reach all the layers holding the pigment. You may notice some spots getting lighter while others might get slightly darker. But either way it's a step in the right direction. This just means that some spots have fallen away and others have moved closer to the surface making them appear darker. Before long, all the pigment will fall away. Consistency is key.

At Skindulgence we specialize in reversing sun damage and we provide a friendly and comfortable experience. We can set you up with everything you'll need, from the most effective at-home products to the perfect treatment plan for your unique skin. Don't wait to reveal that smooth, glowing new skin. Let's get started today. Click below to book your appointment. And if you book an appointment between 9/12/16 - 9/30/16 you will get $15 off your treatment.

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