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Remove your mask this Halloween!

I bet if you've never had a chemical peel before, you might be completely afraid based on how Hollywood movies depict them on TV and movies. You're probably imagining hiding out for a week with raw flesh covered in ointment and bandages. But to be honest, chemical peels get a bad rap and they are actually one of my very favorite things! So let's set the record straight... WHAT IS A CHEMICAL PEEL? You might be wondering, "Why is a chemical peel important to the health of my skin?" Well, when we are kids our cell turnover rate is really rapid. That means that the dead skin falls away as soon as it's time, allowing the newly created cells to be on the surface. However, as we get older that process slows way down causing the dead skin to build up leaving you with up to 100 layers of dead skin cells. It's the 'dead skin brick wall" as I like to call it. When you receive a chemical peel, it's like hitting the reset button on your natural cell turnover rate, while exfoliating and removing years of damaged and discolored skin cells on the surface, as well as restructuring and increasing the production of collagen and elastin in the deepest layers of your skin. WHAT IS A TREATMENT LIKE?

At Skindulgence, your treatment will begin with a skin consultation to asses your goals and address any concerns you may have, and your skin will be analyzed in the skin scanner to spot any hidden pigmentation issues. This treatment is a combination of a luxurious mini-facial including a deep cleanse, skin-specific mask, and steamed towels, and finished with a customized chemical peel to best achieve your goals. During the peel, it will either feel itchy and warm or may be quite hot for a couple of minutes depending on type of peel and strength and your skin will be pink directly after the treatment. Peel formulas and strengths range from very mild with very little flaking to very strong with lots of peeling lasting 3-4 days. Each type of chemical peel as well as the strength is tailored to each client to match their goal, the extent of damage, and comfort level.


Improves the appearance of :

  • Fine lines

  • Sun damage and hyperpigmentation (sun spots/freckles)

  • Superficial scars

  • Rough and uneven skin tone

  • Acne

  • Dry, dehydrated skin

So let's remove that rough and uneven mask filled with years of sun damage that you've been accumulating over the years. It's time to get that bright and healthy skin back! And to make it easier and more affordable for you, for a limited time I'm offering a FREE treatment when you purchase a series of three treatments scheduled 1-2 weeks apart. This is a $90.00 savings! Hurry because this offer wont last long and space is filling up!

Call or text to schedule your appointment today! 801-577-5127 Located at 1592 S. 1100 E. Sugarhouse, UT

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