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Help your skin THRIVE!

Allow me to help you navigate this incredibly confusing world of skin care with a few simple tips that can make all the difference. ASK A PROFESSIONAL- Seek out an Esthetician in your area and allow them to give customized recommendations for your unique skin. You'd be amazed at how much your skin can change with just one simple product or even a change in ingredients. A lot of the time our skin malfunctions simply because we aren't giving it the appropriate blend of ingredients for our skin type and environment. For example, Salicylic acid is a great anti-bacterial and exfoliating ingredient but should not be used on aging, dry skin. It will only accelerate the aging process and dry the skin out even more. But for those with really oily skin, Salicylic acid will help to absorb and regulate oil production and keep the pores from getting clogged. That is just one example of how a single ingredient in your product can either benefit your skin or only add to the problem. Allow an Esthetician to guide you on this. After all, the skin you've got is the only one you'll ever have so it's worth taking care of. Your future skin will thank you! INVEST IN YOUR PRODUCTS- Do your best to block out paid celebrity advertisements. A company can spend millions of dollars on brilliant marketing, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are using high quality or safe ingredients. Personally, I completely disregard big name brands from expensive department stores, as well as the cheap drug store brands. All that matters to me is the ingredient list. But that can be totally overwhelming to most people because they aren't sure what they are looking for. That is where a quality Esthetician comes in handy. Estheticians should have an expansive knowledge of ingredients and what they do for the skin. Coming from someone that helped formulate and manufacture an all-natural product line for three years, I know that the health and quality of ingredients is highly important. To my surprise, many of the popular, well-marketed skincare lines are filled with toxic ingredients. While the cheap brands must use cheap (ineffective and toxic) ingredients as possible to keep prices low. Then they throw in a pinch of good ingredients and market it as "Natural, rich in antioxidants, and age defying." Remember, there is a reason that a $5 dollar cleanser is a $5 dollar cleanser. You deserve better so don't waist your money. SIMPLIFY- I know how it goes, you splurge on the latest "miracle product" and before you know it, you have 20+ different brands under your sink. Do you know what ingredients are actually in all those products? Have they reached there expiration date? The time has come to simplify, declutter, and set up a healthy and effective regimen you can stick to. Your skin will do so much better when it is allowed to get used to a product and it will start to regulate oil production and balance out. Also, using products from the same brand will allow for some continuity of ingredients so that they can work together rather than against each other. The great part about using quality products, is that you can keep it simple! You just need to be consistent. Cleanse, Treat, Moisturize, Protect. Done. MOISTURIZE- Whether you have oily or dry skin, NEVER EVER SKIP YOUR MOISTURIZER! Moisturizers are meant to balance your pH, help your acid mantle regulate your oil production, and protects your skin from acne causing bacteria and environmental assaults. Moisturizers span far and wide, ranging from really high-moisture content for dry skin types to more lightweight options for oily skin types. Finding the right moisturizer for your skin type can be life changing. I know it was for me. SO YOU WANT BEAUTIFUL SKIN HUH? Ask yourself the following questions: Are you... 1) Consistent in taking care of it? 2) Using quality products with safe and effective ingredients? 3) Using products specific for your unique skin type? 4) Protecting it from sun and free radical damage daily? If you would like some help navigating this incredibly confusing and overwhelming world of skincare, give me a call. I would be over the moon to assist you. I hope these tips were helpful and enlightening. Please feel free to call or text to set up your FREE skin consultation and skin scan with me! After all, everyone deserves their very own skin care specialist!

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