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Banish Dry Winter Skin

Kick that dry, rough skin to the curb!

Your skin takes a hit during the cold winter months, leaving you with dry and rough skin. This can lead to an impaired barrier that leaves your skin vulnerable to all sorts of free radical damage. Kick that nasty skin to the curb and regain your youthful glow!

Choose from the following "Winter Blast" treatments. We'll exfoliate away those dead skin cells, then infuse the deepest layers of your skin with vitamins and high doses of hydration!

CLASSIC FACIAL Relax and indulge in this classic facial,packed full of hydrating enzymes. Includes a deep cleanse, light exfoliation, hydrating mask, steam, and topped with powerful serums and balancing moisture. A relaxing face, scalp, decollete, and arm massage complete this facial.

HYDRATION PEEL This is a combination of a luxurious mini-facial and all the amazing benefits of a chemical peel. Includes a deep cleanse, hydrating enzyme mask, steamed towels, and topped with our most hydrating peel. Don't worry because the visible peeling will be minimal, if any, but the rough dead skin will fall away leaving you with smooth, glowing skin!

Call 801-577-5127 today to book your FREE professional skin consultation and skin scan. 1592 S. 1100 E. Sugarhouse, UT

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