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3 Simple Ways To Start Preventing Aging Today!

Whether your skin is still young and beautiful or you've already accrued some damage, it's never to late to start preventing further damage. Stop the aging process in its tracks with the following simple steps:


You might be wondering why antioxidants are so important and what in the heck they actually do. Well, there's these pesky things called free radicals in our environment, and these little buggers wreak havoc on your skin and mutate your cells. Once this happens, instead of our healthy cells duplicating, it's now duplicating the mutated cells instead. Think WRINKLES! Well have no fear, antioxidants are here, and their super power is to fight free radical damage. Applying topical antioxidants daily will neutralize those free radicals on the regular so they can cause no harm. *Try Vitamin C Cream & Living Cell Clarifier.

2. AHA's

Uhh what now? AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid (for example, Glycolic & Lactic Acid.) And it's my secret weapon! AHA's will increase your natural turnover rate (sloughing off rate) while also exfoliating the dead skin off the surface. It works like a little pac man going across your skin and deep into your pores to help shrink them. And this is important because our cell turnover rate slows way down as you age. Which means the dead skin that should have fallen off months ago just stays put. And if all of this isn't good enough, AHA's also help restructure the deepest layers of your skin to increase collagen and elastin. I mean, I told you it was good!! *Try AHA Accelerator

3. SPF

Wear SPF 15-30 daily. There's really no need to slather on SPF 80 because it actually doesn't protect any better than SPF 30 does, but contains more unnecessary chemicals. Another thing to remember is that sunscreen breaks down after about 2 hours so you will need to reapply for continued protection during those long days in the sun. I also love to wear a makeup powder with SPF built in. Just dust a little on throughout the day and your good to go! *For an amazing water based, super lightweight SPF, try Photo Protection Gel SPF 15 or SPF 30 as well as Jane Iredale mineral powder.

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