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"I had a facial and microdermabrasion treatment yesterday by Samantha, and I can't believe what an improvement just one treatment made on my skin! It is soft, smooth, and above all...glowing! I could also tell that my skin was absorbing my products more efficiently after the treatment. I wear powdered mineral makeup and I felt like I didn't even need any today with the exception of some under eye concealer. If your skin is losing its vibrancy, go see Samantha! It is SO worth it!! (And she is so positive and interesting to talk to during treatments! Love her!!)"     -Jennifer



Samantha was incredible! She's as knowledgable about skin care as she is passionate about helping. With her techy tools and witchy concoctions, you will definitely get results!    -Pan


"Samantha is adorable!! She's very knowledgable and friendly! I will never be able to go anywhere else!!!"   -Chrysta



Samantha is an awesome Esthetician! I loved how knowledgeable she was about all types of peels and products, plus the spa is super vibey and lush, Relaxing as soon as you walk in the door. She walks the walk- beauty!    -Kyrie

"Samantha is truly amazing! I went in for microdermabrasion, and the products that she used were customized for my personal skin. All of the products that they carry are the least harmful, and the most natural as possible. I truly enjoyed the scent of lavender essential oil from one of the masks that she put on my face. I learned a lot from her, and she has such a down to earth, non-judgmental way of educating. The ambiance inside is impeccable and super inviting and relaxing! I could not have found a better treasure for self-care!!! Felt like a mini-vacation. Highly recommend! I will be back for sure!!"  -Jess



"I don't even know how to accurately describe the wonder that is Awaken I Skin (formerly Skindulgence) Walking in, the spa is lovely, relaxing and tastefully appointed. Samantha always makes sure that she greets you promptly and with genuine warmth. I am very self conscious of my skin, and the real and imaginary flaws that stand out to me. So I was anxious to have my skin evaluated for the recommended treatment plan. But Samantha, while very knowledgeable and objective, didn't make me feel embarrassed or shameful in any way. She was very generous in sharing her knowledge and recommendation for products. She carries her own products, but offered to check mine for effectiveness without ever pressuring me to buy anything from her. The microdermabrasion treatments are actually pleasant experiences, which I never expected! I thought they would be painful. But Samantha is super gentle and it feels more like a spa facial. I have very sensitive, red prone skin, and I haven't had any bad reactions. After 4 treatments I can already see such a difference in my skin! I rarely wear foundation anymore as my complexion is so even and glowing! Also, she is amazing at working with my schedule to make sure as a busy working mom I am still able to come in. I cannot say enough good about both Samantha and the service she provides! I have not felt so confident in my skin since.... well since never!"   -Elise


"Samantha knows her stuff and makes me feel at ease."  -Kris



"What an Amazing experience! Samantha really knows her stuff, and genuinely cares about your skin! The space is so relaxing that you never want to leave. My skin, already, looks 10 times better after only 1 treatment. I can't wait to go back!!"  -Carly

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