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"Samantha was incredible! She's as knowledgeable about skin care as she is passionate about helping. With her techy tools and witchy concoctions, you will definitely see results."


At Awaken Skin, we don’t treat the skin the way other esthetician’s do. This is a bold move, we know, but our approach is based on treating the whole self; focusing on holistically healing; using ingredients essential to activate repair rather than harming; using pharmaceutical-grade delivery systems; and treating challenging skin conditions no one else can. Rooted in the science of the skin-body connection, we must go more than skin deep to target the source of common concerns. With our Skin Mapping technique, we support the skin topically, as well as reveal and treat the internal cause of skin concerns, including acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and more.


Osmosis Beauty is holistically healing, with non-toxic, non-harming, clean ingredients to support a strong  barrier and a flourishing skin flora. It contains pharmaceutical-grade, patented, clinically proven formulas, with an advanced delivery system that the cell recognizes and accepts in. All of this means you'll achieve far greater results, and higher functioning cells than with any other skincare line.


Our Osmosis Beauty holistic line includes 13 frequency elixirs, 7 super targeted supplements, and a full skincare line that is medical grade, non-toxic, and microbiome friendly, for uncompromised, permanent results.

Osmosis Beauty


The Osmosis Wellness collection include elixirs and supplements that were founded on the science of the skin-body connection, formulated to restore balance, overall health, and well-being to the entire body.


Our supplements target the source of skin conditions by diving inside the body for powerful transformations. Enhancing the vitality of the skin and body, our supplements are mindfully formulated to safely detox, increase the repair process, and improve the overall immune system.

Our treatment elixirs contain scientifically crafted frequencies to balance and relieve symptoms, 24-karat gold to strengthen the immune system, and reduce inflammation.

“Samantha is an awesome esthetician! I loved how knowledgeable she was about all types of treatments and products, plus the space is super vibey and lush, relaxing as soon as you walk in the door. 

She walks the walk- beauty!"

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At Awaken Skin I have a unique and whole-hearted love for blending holistic, scientific, and energetic skincare for optimal results. Mind, body, and spirit.

I specialize in advanced treatments such as Micro-Needling, Retinal Infusion, and I am a certified Qi Beauty™ practitioner, an innovation in skincare- where quantum physics meets esthetics, and the only place it’s available in Utah.


In my signature energy facials, the Awakened Goddess and the Enlightened Goddess, you will experience a deep nervous system rest as you lie under LED lights in a reiki infused space, while immersed in a sound bath for frequency healing.

Goddess Rituals




Featuring hundreds of mini pyramids, designed to create micro-channels in the skin to allow product ingredients to penetrate deeper, for substantially enhanced results in your daily ritual.



Our ion-charged copper bristles create negative ions on the skin that protect the body from free radical damage and environmental stressors, while increasing cellular turnover, skin renewal and circulation.



Quantum physics meets esthetics with our gold plated micro magnets that re-educate, reset and re-train your cells all while you sleep. Stimulate healthier cell turnover to support tired skin, actively target accelerated aging, improved tone, elastin, collagen and vitality.



Our Signature Energy Facials, The Awakened Goddess and The Enlightened Goddess, include either Micro-needling or Retinal Infusion and end with LED light therapy, a crystal sound bath, and a reiki infused space for a deep nervous system rest.


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